This DIY project probably won’t make you rich, but it will help you understand how Bitcoin works

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about mining Bitcoin on any PC and also shared the details of a cryptocurrency mining PC I built in 2018. In mining a little Bitcoin of my own, I developed a much deeper understanding of how cryptocurrencies and the blockchain work (and made over $1,600 in the process).

What if you want to graduate to the next level, though, and build your own basic cryptocurrency mining PC using modern parts in 2021? I decided to find out, so I enlisted the help of my friend Adam, a computer engineer at a security company…

Blended in-person/virtual meetings, weddings, birthday parties, whisky tastings, and more

Over the last year, we’ve all become Zoom experts. My four-year-old knows to shout “Unmute yourself!” at people he can’t hear on video calls. Much of daily life has gone virtual, from meetings and conferences to weddings, happy hours — even, for better or worse, court appearances.

Now that more people are vaccinated, Covid-19 case rates are dropping, and the world is beginning to open back up, though, all that is changing. According to TechRepublic, 2021 will be the year of the “hybrid event.” …

Save money, reduce consumption, and support local businesses

Tech Shortcuts for Life is a weekly column from Thomas Smith on Debugger exploring the apps, automation, gadgets, and other tech tricks that can make your life more efficient.

In 2019, my family and I challenged ourselves to reduce the amount of trash we threw away with the goal of getting as close to zero waste as possible. Despite being a family of three at the time — and cooking about 30 meals per week for family and members of our community — we leveraged tech and used simple shortcuts and hacks to reduce our landfill waste from 96 gallons…

Yes, it’s absurd. But it also says a lot about the world of fashion.

People often criticize Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his exorbitantly expensive hoodies. Zuck is the master of spending $400-plus on articles of clothing which make him look like a disheveled college student who is too busy writing Python code to bother with fashion.

Yet a new hoodie puts even Zuckberg’s covert clothing indulgences to shame. According to the aptly named NFT clothing brand Overpriced, the company recently sold an NFT-linked hoodie for $26,000 on the marketplace Blockparty.

A spokesperson for Overpriced told me that “the world’s first NFT Powered Hoodie features scannable QR codes to link it to an original…

The Portland, Oregon ice cream chain is making a splash at City Center

Upscale Ice Cream parlor Salt and Straw opened its newest store at City Center Bishop Ranch in San Ramon, California this Friday, April 23. For several months, the facade of the ice cream store had been taking shape under large plastic tarps and wraps which hid the store’s interior.

In the previous weeks, the wraps finally started to come down, and more of the store was visible. …

Here’s how I wrote it

Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, I wrote a Medium article which nearly broke the Internet. My article shared the stunning results of a supercomputer analysis of Covid-19, which was performed by government scientists at Oak Ridge National Lab. The experiments yielded the Bradykinin Hypothesis — a totally new way to understand the progression and symptoms of the coronavirus.

The article went live in I here on Medium at 10:30pm PST on August 31st, 2020. When I woke up the next morning and checked my stats (I rarely check stats at bedtime), it already had 98,000 views. It…

And you can shop there too

Tech Shortcuts for Life is a weekly column from Thomas Smith on Debugger exploring the apps, automation, gadgets, and other tech tricks that can make your life more efficient.

Amazon sells basically everything. A quick look through my recent order history reveals a bizarre tapestry of seemingly unrelated purchases: lightbulbs, pound cake, children’s clothing, chicken feed, an industrial CO2 meter, and a trash can, to name just a few items. It’s the modern general store.

But while Amazon excels in breadth, the site is often sorely lacking in depth. Jeff Bezos and his crew can get you a container of…

Olive Tree Bakeshop is part of a trend towards diverse, innovative small-scale food entrepreneurship

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought challenging times for many in the food industry. But simultaneously, the changing pace and shifting business models of pandemic life have brought new opportunities for food brands, restaurants, and even talented individuals who may never have entered the food business otherwise.

One of those individuals is Remy Mendelsohn, founder of Olive Tree Bakeshop. Mendelsohn is a lawyer and a mom of two living in Orinda, California, in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. (She is also a friend, and our kids go to preschool together). …

I ended up as an inadvertent expert on ketchup and cats

As a content creator, you can sometimes predict which pieces of content (articles, photos, videos, etc.) will do well before you even hit the Publish button. But in many cases, you have no idea.

As a journalist and photographer, I’ve had all manner of random topics suddenly blow up, or attract interest in unexpected ways. Case in point? I’ve recently become the go-to photographer for media interested in documenting America’s ongoing ketchup shortage.

During the pandemic, ketchup maker Heinz is apparently having trouble meeting demand. There has been a fair amount of news coverage about this. …

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