11 Sites, 107k Views — How My 2022 Niche Website Experiment Is Going

I also multiplied my revenue by 9x

Thomas Smith
9 min readDec 22, 2022
Illustration by the author via DALL-E

At the beginning of 2022, I read an article by Christopher Kokoski about how he makes $5000 per month building what he calls “boring sites.”

I’ve been doing SEO and content creation for over a decade, but it’s usually been for clients. As soon as I read Chris’ article, I realized that his method would work for me, too; I could use my SEO/content expertise to build sites on highly specific topics, earning solid money and bringing in a lot of traffic.

On January 3rd, I started on this journey. After 12 months, my sites have now gotten 107,133 unique visits. I’m not at Chris’s earnings level yet, but as I’ll explain, my trajectory is heading in that direction.

Here’s a look at how my niche website experiment has gone so far in 2022, and my plans for the year ahead.

Niche, or Boring?

Chris calls his websites “boring” because he writes detailed articles about highly specific topics that people enter into search engines. These can be as strange and esoteric as “Is water wet?”

I started out by thinking about boring content too. I love answering weird and specific user questions, and I built a whole YouTube channel…