80% of Facebook Employees Agree With the Decision to Ban Trump

Bans may be permanent

According to a new survey from Blind, 80% of Facebook’s employees agreed that the company did the right thing when it banned US President Donald Trump from using its services for the remainder of his presidency. 75% of Twitter employees agreed with a similar move from that company.

Blind says that Twitter “has flagged dozens of the president’s tweets for disputed or misleading information this election season. But Trump’s status as a world leader offered him special treatment under Twitter’s policies.”

Employees of most other technology companies agreed. According to Blind’s data, at least 70% of employees surveyed at Amazon, Google and Microsoft felt that Facebook and Twitter made the right move. Only one company, Samsung, was divided, with only 53% of those surveyed supporting Twitter and Facebook’s actions (this may be due to a small sample size of 15 respondents).

Blind’s respondents remain anonymous, to protect their privacy. According to the company, a respondent from Microsoft said “An average Joe user gets banned from FB and Twitter for the slightest political incorrectness. Trump got a free pass for so long because he is the President. Today though, he went full clockwork orange. He needs to step down — banning from Twitter and Facebook isn’t even a slap on the wrist.”

A Bank of America professional wrote: “You or I can be banned from Twitter if we break their rules, or banned from a store if we break their rules, or denied service if we break their rules. This is no different. Get over it.”

And an Expedia professional said that “He incited violence and did nothing to stop it, in fact he fueled the flames. Despite all of the criticism FB and Twitter get, I applaud them for their actions, they did the right thing.”

Both Twitter and Facebook reportedly may extend their bans indefinitely.

Co-Founder & CEO of Gado Images. I write, speak and consult about tech, privacy, AI and photography. tom@gadoimages.com

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