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There are tons of great reasons for publishing content on Medium. Everyone’s reason is unique and personal. For me, it’s mostly about sharing my knowledge, learning about interesting new topics, and spreading awareness of my own work and the work of my company and colleagues.

For many, though, earning money through the Medium Partner Program is a major reason to write on the platform. …

Taking Covid-19 safe product photos in completely virtual worlds

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Courtesy Epic Games/Pagani via Digital Media Licensing Association

Product photography used to be so hard. Especially if you were photographing something big — like a car — you had to hire a film crew, rent a location and secure permits, hire a director, provide and style the actual car itself, likely hire a professional driver, get model releases from everyone involved, get insurance for your shoot, and more. On the day of your shoot, you had to hope all went according to plan, that the weather held out, and that your crew got you the perfect shot.

That’s an expensive and challenging process. And especially during Covid-19, big on-locations shoots are orders of magnitude riskier and more expensive. Getting the perfect shot of your car (or shoe, or other product) could mean putting peoples’ lives at risk, requiring travel that could be avoided, and otherwise jumping through many regulatory and health/safety hoops. …

What it means for writers, and how to optimize your design and strategy for the new Medium

Close-up of a magazine rack
Close-up of a magazine rack
Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Medium’s recent updates have meant a lot of changes for creators. One of the biggest shifts has been from a transactional model that emphasizes discrete units of content (and where the specific author is less important) to a relational model that encourages readers to follow and engage with specific writers.

The platform’s new model emphasizes developing a following, and Medium has said that followers will matter a lot more going forward. This is implemented on the platform in a variety of ways. But one of the most compelling is a shift toward treating publications and individual writers essentially the same.

Just as publications could brand themselves in a deliberate way and build a following on the old Medium, individual creators can now do the same thing on the updated platform. …


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