After recent platform changes, here’s how your pieces will find an audience

Blurred shot of crowd of people raising their hands
Blurred shot of crowd of people raising their hands
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Medium is in the midst of making sweeping changes to the platform in terms of how stories are curated, promoted, and displayed. Platform changes always cause some trepidation among creators, but they’re not necessarily a bad thing.

The biggest change on the new Medium is a move from a transactional model (where people consume nuggets of information related to topics of interest) to a more relational one (where people consume content that comes from specific, trusted creators or publications). …

A case study in creating a self-reinforcing network of content

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Image for post
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I estimate that I create an average of about 500 pieces of content per day. I recently wrote about how I capture and track content ideas (my process is almost entirely analog!), but I haven’t yet explored another key component: how I take one idea, and multiply it into 50+ pieces of content.

Multiplying your ideas is essential to prolific content creation. It allows you to take one concept, and create a huge amount of useful content around it, engaging your audience wherever they spend time — across multiple platforms, in multiple formats, and with multiple paths to monetization.

It’s also efficient. Coming up with great ideas and developing them takes time. If you’re going to spend the time building an idea out, it’s much better to get 50+ pieces of content out of it than a single piece. …

Unapologetically analog

Multicolored Post-It notes thumb-tacked to wall
Multicolored Post-It notes thumb-tacked to wall
Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

I create a lot of content. Since starting on Medium about a year ago, I’ve written over 200 articles. As a professional photographer, I also take about 200,000–300,000 photos per year. In 2020, I challenged myself to create 2,020 videos, too. Since starting to focus on building my social following about two months ago, I’ve written around 1,500 social posts. I also blog and maintain a YouTube channel that gets about 930,000 views per year.

All told, I estimate that I create about 500 pieces of content per day — photos, articles, comments, social media posts, blog posts, videos, and more. A lot of people ask me how I track all this content. How do I capture and execute on content ideas? Do I use some kind of complex content management system or productivity software to keep track of everything I’m creating, to manage follow-ups, etc.? …


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