Demos of practical uses for Codex, from an OpenAI Beta tester

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In early August 2021, OpenAI (which is partly controlled by Elon Musk) launched Codex, a revolutionary new AI system which can automatically write code in a variety of languages, using only plaintext prompts as input.

“Make a webpage for a cat lawyer”, you can tell Codex, and it will dutifully…

But Los Angeles is number two

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Lots of superlatives apply to San Francisco. It’s one of the most progressive cities in America, and also one of the most expensive. Some would say that SF and its neighbor Silicon Valley are the most innovative places in the world, or that we have the best climate in the…


Philz lacks lattes but makes up for it with some crazy coffee concoctions

Photo: Getty Images/ArtRachen01

It’s no secret that I love Philz Coffee, one of the best local coffee chains in the Bay Area. There are Philz locations all over the region, often in trendy areas like Palo Alto, downtown San Francisco, and City Center Bishop Ranch.

Philz is best known for its pour-over…

How to create photos, videos and blog posts from anywhere

Photo courtesy the author.

The whole point of a side hustle is that it should be something you can do on the side. If you have to be sitting at your desk to do your side hustle, then it’s just another part of your job.

The great news is that with the right tools…

Three generations of beefy awesomeness in the Bay Area

Photo credit: the author.

For three generations now, the Bay Area’s Flannery family has had one singular mission: bring the world the best steaks imaginable. The family originally got into the meat business when patriarch Bryan Flannery Sr. …

You can picnic under our color-changing trees in tennis shorts

Photo: Courtesy of author

It’s Autumn, and that means we’re fast approaching the season when smug East Coasters start to post photos of their resplendent Fall foliage — in dramatic shades of crimson and yellow — and make snide comments about how California doesn’t have seasons, or how our trees are boring and green…

Here’s what marketers can learn from them

Courtesy Skye Skyad, used with permission. Edited to remove my info.

As a journalist and tech company CEO, I get a lot of email pitches. Some are targeted to my coverage areas and my business and are extremely helpful. Most, though, are shockingly bland, long-winded, irrelevant — or all three. …

Don’t be among the 20% of businesses that fail in year one

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

As the Great Resignation ramps up, millions of Americans are quitting their jobs to find better work or strike out on their own. According to Harvard Business Review, over 4 million people quit their jobs in July of 2021 alone.

Many people who leave traditional work are likely planning to…

Synthetic content, Epic games, John Mueller and more

Photo by Fakurian Design on Unsplash

For over 7 months now, I’ve worked with an amazing group of volunteers to plan the 2021 conference for my industry’s trade group, the Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA). The DMLA represents the media licensing industry, including major players like Getty Images, Shutterstock, Adobe, CNN, and many more.

My colleagues…

Iced coffee, good vibes, and a friendly bear

Original photo by the author

When I first moved to the Bay Area in 2013, the far East Bay was considered a sleepier, less-trendy place than Berkeley and Oakland, and certainly than downtown San Francisco. Over the last near-decade, though, that has changed dramatically. …

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