At Opening Weekend for Salt and Straw in San Ramon, Lines Extend Around the Block

The Portland, Oregon ice cream chain is making a splash at City Center

Thomas Smith
3 min readApr 27, 2021


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Upscale Ice Cream parlor Salt and Straw opened its newest store at City Center Bishop Ranch in San Ramon, California this Friday, April 23. For several months, the facade of the ice cream store had been taking shape under large plastic tarps and wraps which hid the store’s interior.

In the previous weeks, the wraps finally started to come down, and more of the store was visible. Salt and Straw began hiring locally, and on Thursday the 22nd, the store held a Friends and Family soft opening, as a practice run for the grand opening of the new location on Friday.

As of Friday, Salt and Straw officially opened its doors at City Center. How is the launch going? By all indications, extremely well. On the morning of Saturday the 24th, the store had a small line forming outside its large, wooden doors. As City Center filled up, people left lunch and the nearby San Ramon Farmer’s Market ended, though, people flooded into the upscale shopping center, and many chose to wait in line to try the new ice cream joint.

By around 2pm on Saturday, lines for Salt and Straw extended down the corridor at City Center, made a hooked turn in front of the Equinox gym, and extended almost all the way back to the Farmer’s Market. People appeared to be waiting in line for up to 45 minutes in order to try Salt and Straw out.

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The upscale and creative ice cream chain is already a familiar presence in Southern California, and originally launched in Portland, Oregon. The chain is known for using local ingredients, and blending up ice cream flavors using plants, flowers, and other unusual ingredients.

A few items currently on the menu at City Center include Rhubarb Crumble with Toasted Anise, Jasmine Milk Tea and Chocolate, Wildflower Honey with Ricotta Walnut Lace Cookies, and staples like Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbon and Chocolate Gooey Brownie. The store’s name refers to an old-fashioned ice cream churn, and references the fact that Salt and Straw’s treats are handmade.

Salt and Straw promises to be a fixture of City Center during the hot Summer months, when temperatures in San Ramon often climb above 100 degrees, and local citizens come out in droves to find ways to cool off. The lines will likely abate over time, but Salt and Straw will go on serving delicious, creative ice cream in the East Bay suburb.



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