Gado Images Donates 700+ Surgical Masks to UCSF

The masks will assist in the Bay Area’s fight against COVID-19

Thomas Smith
3 min readApr 9, 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, we at Gado Images have had the privilege of documenting the day to day lives of front-line workers worldwide.

These doctors, nurses, paramedics, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers and other essential workers keep our world running, so that countless others can safely shelter and slow the progress of the virus.

As an Editorial photography agency, we’ve captured medical workers caring for their patients, Doordash drivers bringing food to citizens sheltering at home, neighbors reaching out to lend assistance to those in their communities, emergency service workers keeping our cities safe, leaders guiding us through the crisis, and store employees continuing to stock and sell the essential goods we all depend on.

Delivering blood products during COVID-19

We’ve also documented the empty streets that all their amazing work has facilitated — and which are helping to flatten the curve and save countless lives here in the Bay Area and beyond.

On a personal level, I’ve recently had a need to rely on the medical system here in the Bay Area, and am personally incredibly grateful for the professionalism and skill of everyone who has helped me and my family — and continue to do so — despite the enormity of the crisis we’re all facing.

Today, I’m thrilled to share that Gado Images is taking the opportunity to give back, with a donation of 700+ surgical masks to the University of California San Francisco. The masks are new, and were imported through a manufacturing contact from one of our company’s previous projects.

They were accepted by the nurses of the UCSF Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.



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