How to Hire Thomas Smith

I’m now available for limited freelancing engagements

Thomas Smith
3 min readJun 29, 2022

Hi, my name is Thomas Smith ( I’m a content professional, founder and CEO with 10+ years of experience. I’m also a top writer here on Medium, with 400+ stories and more than 13 million content views.

My work has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and many other places. I’m also a professional photographer, and my photos routinely appear in publications like Inc, Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more. I run a YouTube channel that gets 2.2 million views per year.

As a freelancer and consultant, I help world-leading organizations, startups, and small businesses create and leverage digital content to achieve their business and social goals. I also work with individuals and creators as a content and photographic coach.

I have specific expertise in technology, cryptocurrency, green tech, consumer electronics, and finance content. The New York Times called me a “veteran programmer,” and my programming background makes me an ideal technical writer.

You can hire me as a freelancer or consultant for all your content creation, article writing, and content coaching needs. Email me with freelancing inquiries at or keep reading to learn more!

What Can I Hire You For?

As a writer with 10+ years of experience and deep knowledge of article writing, content marketing and SEO, I’m available for a wide range of engagement types.

Here are a few specific services I’ve provided to clients before:

  • Article writing, either under my own byline or ghostwritten
  • Blog content writing
  • Technical writing; translating information from technical staff into marketing materials/documentation for non-techies
  • Content consulting
  • Content marketing and website content development
  • Coaching for content developers and creators
  • Photography coaching
  • Business development for your content-centered company
  • YouTube and Amazon Live consulting
  • Creating sponsored videos about your product for my YouTube or Amazon Live channels

What Is Your Background?

I have over a decade of experience as a founder, CEO, consultant, and content professional. I’ve served clients including the Maryland State Arts Council, Johns Hopkins University, and a wide variety of private clients. I’ve also developed strategic partnerships with organizations including Getty Images, Alamy, Duke University, University of New Hampshire and many more.

I hold a degree in Cognitive Science and Cultural Anthropology from Johns Hopkins University.

You can see all my experience on my LinkedIn profile, or email for a full resume.

How do You Charge?

I charge per-word for article and blog content writing. I charge hourly for most other engagements.

I accept Venmo, Zelle, or checks.

Can I See Some Work/Writing Samples?

I encourage you to read through my whole catalog of Medium articles! Here are a few of which I’m most proud:

These are more tactical/SEO optimized, but still quite successful:

Here are a few examples of my writing for a technical audience:

How Can I Hire You or Reach Out To Learn More?

Email me at

I’d love to chat and learn more about your needs!