I’m One of Medium’s New Boost Curators. I Want Your Generative AI Stories.

How to work with me

Thomas Smith
3 min readMar 6


Illustration by the author via DALL-E

Earlier this year, Medium CEO Tony Stubblebine shared an update about Medium’s new Boost system. The system relies on the “taste” of community curators, who recommend excellent stories for Medium to “boost.”

If a story is chosen for a Boost, Tony writes, it gets at least 500 additional views. In many cases, Boosted stories can get thousands or tens of thousands of views. It’s Medium’s most powerful tool ever for promoting stories — even more powerful than Curation was, back in the day.

In the story, Tony shared that Medium is “currently working with 15 publication editors to find and submit story suggestions for the Boost.” He declined to share who those editors are, though, saying that “it’s the job of these curators to find you.”

Hello From Your Friendly Neighborhood Boost Curator

Well, today I’m here to officially out myself (with the team’s permission) as one of Medium’s first community Boost curators. I’m honored to be among the first cohort of editors with the “taste” to select excellent stories in my area of expertise from across the platform.

My Boost-eligible publication is The Generator, a new pub about generative AI. I can nominate stories in my publication for a Boost (the ultimate decision is still up to Medium), and I can also highlight other generative AI stories on Medium for a Boost.

What does that mean for you? If you write about ChatGPT, OpenAI, tools like Jasper or Content at Scale, AI and the law, or any other generative AI topic, you should submit your stories to The Generator.

You’ll get the exposure and promotion of having your work in a new Medium-partnered publication, and if your stories meet Medium’s criteria, I can nominate them for a Boost!

We’re looking for all kinds of voices — technical, non-technical, philosophical, and more.