Sometimes your audience on social media surprises you.

I was recently scrolling through my comments on my gadget-centered YouTube channel, and saw a negative comment about one of my videos. I usually delete comments that are negative and hostile, and keep comments that are merely negative and critical.

This one fell into the former category, so I was about to delete it, when I saw that a random follower of my channel had seen the comment and leapt to my defense.

It’s a reminder that for every nasty troll on the Internet, there’s a troll-buster ready to fight back. I don’t know who you are Aquaboy, but I’m thankful for you.

Read more about the benefits of negative comments and my strategies for managing YouTube comments in my article in Better Marketing.

Co-Founder & CEO of Gado Images. I write, speak and consult about tech, privacy, AI and photography.

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