Thanks for the comments, and for sharing your article! I’m working on a new concept for Medium poets — the idea of “gifting” someone a reading of one of their poems.

The idea is that if you like a poet’s work, you would record a video reading of one of their poems and upload it to YouTube. You’d then send them the video, which they could choose to make into a new Medium post linking back to their original poem, and which you could post as your own story linking back to their poem, too.

The idea is to help the other poet increase their read time by creating a video reading for them. And it’s a chance to get new perspectives on a work, since of course each person’s reading of a poem will be different.

I could see this being a two-way street, with poets “swapping” readings of each others poems to help each other out.

I’d like to test this and do a reading of one of your poems,

Would that be okay?

Co-Founder & CEO of Gado Images. I write, speak and consult about tech, privacy, AI and photography.

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